Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Boris Johnson and ‘Brexit minister’ resign, leaving Theresa May’s government in disarray

Boris Johnson and ‘Brexit minister’ resign, leaving Theresa May’s government in disarray

"This afternoon, the Prime Minister accepted the resignation of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary", a spokesperson for Prime Minister Theresa May said.

The official portrait of David Davis.

According to BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, Johnson's departure from May's cabinet has turned an "embarrassing and hard situation for the PM into potentially a full-blown crisis".

May addressed parliament minutes after her office announced Johnson's departure, saying: "In the two years since the referendum, we have had a spirited national debate, with robust views echoing around the cabinet table as they have on breakfast tables up and down the country".

Opposition lawmakers said that this was a big blow for the prime minister.

Johnson said Britain was destined for a "semi Brexit" if the blueprint agreed by the Cabinet at Chequers on Friday is delivered.

Under Conservative Party rules, a leadership race could be triggered if at least 48 of her MPs declared their support for one.

Johnson was said to have decided not to quit over May's soft Brexit plan because he wanted to remain in Cabinet and fight for the divorce he wants, a person familiar with his thinking said after the Chequers meeting.

Johnson gave a scathing verdict on Theresa May's Brexit plans tonight as his resignation letter said the "Brexit dream is dying, suffocated by needless self doubt".

It was in the "ludicrous position" of offering to accept huge amounts of European Union laws that for decades British governments have argued against, yet with no say in how they are made. "If the Brexit Secretary could not support them they cannot genuinely be delivering Brexit".

"Fantastic news. Well done David Davis for having the principal and guts to resign", Brexit campaigner and Conservative lawmaker Andrea Jenkyns said on Twitter.

International Development Secretary, and one of the most committed Brexiteers in the Tory party, Penny Mordaunt, welcomed the news, but Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer cast into doubt the efficacy of the new appointee.

They fear a clean break would cost jobs.

He said: 'We are now in the ludicrous position of asserting we must accept huge amounts of precisely such European Union law, without changing an iota, because it is essential for our economic health - and when we no longer have any ability to influence these laws as they are made.

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