Published: Sat, July 07, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Fortnite: This is When Playground Mode is Leaving

Fortnite: This is When Playground Mode is Leaving

With that said, it will be returning at some point and will become a full-fledged creative sandbox mode for players to hop into and just go absolutely nuts.

Fortnite's Playground mode, where players can jump in, practice gunplay with fast respawn active, practice building without worrying about the storm and generally just mess around worry-free, has been a long time in the works. Unfortunately, Epic stopped short of revealing when this new version of Playground will make its way to the popular battle royale game. We don't know much about Season 5 yet, but expect the usual assortment of skins, emotes, and other Battle Pass goodies.

Confirmation came on the official Epic Twitch account, plus more details were provided on Reddit's FortniteBR subreddit, where the company said that it is already working on "the next version" of Playground.

Until there is a set arrival date, players will continue to express their creativity and push the limits of Fortnite: Battle Royale in the Playground LTM.

The feedback to this news has been mostly positive online, with fans sharing their thoughts on the LTM. Additionally, more loot is available to pilfer, allowing players to test their skills and explore gameplay possibilities without the pressure of enemy combatants.

Don't worry though - Epic Games know they have a hit on their hands.

However, the prospect of losing access to Playground in the near future resulted in Internet begging, with fans requesting (and demanding) that Epic leave Playground as a permanent installation.

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