Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Matthew Castillo

Sony Uploads Entire Khali the Killer Movie Instead of the Trailer

Sony Uploads Entire Khali the Killer Movie Instead of the Trailer

What's presumably an epic mistake inspired the expected, but nevertheless entertaining, jokes - "Trailer gave the whole plot away".

Sony Pictures accidentally uploaded the entire film, Khali the Killer, on YouTube instead of the red-band trailer. But one has to wonder how a Sony employee tasked with uploading the Khali the Killer trailer didn't notice the process was taking an awfully long time.

It was titled 'Khali the Killer: Official Red Band Trailer' on YouTube and was obviously meant to offer fans a snapshot of Jon Matthews' crime drama, which was filmed in 2016. It's just gone, completely.

The film is available for streaming exclusively on Vudu. The problem is, it wasn't out there for free.

It featured everything from the opening titles, to the credits and managed to clock up a staggering 11,000 views.

Actor Richard Cabral of Mayans M.C. plays the lead of Khali the Killer, about a hitman who's forced back to work for one final job but develops sympathy for his victims.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the production house uploaded the 89 minutes and 46 seconds movie on July 3 on its YouTube channel.

Y'know, this was definitely a goof on Sony's part, but this has definitely been a big plus for this small film's visibility. But when he begins to develop empathy for his intended targets, he's confronted with a hard decision.

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