Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
Sci-tech | By April Francis

Greenpeace Crash a Drone into Nuclear Power Plant

Greenpeace Crash a Drone into Nuclear Power Plant

A Superman drone remotely controlled by Greenpeace activists entered the no-fly zone of the nuclear plant of Bugey, Rhone valley, France.

The group said the stunt was to highlight the lack of security around the facility, adding that "at no time was the drone intercepted or even anxious about".

A Superman drone remotely controlled by Greenpeace activists crashes into a spent fuel storage building at a nuclear power plant in Bugey, France.

France generates an overwhelming majority of its electricity from 19 nuclear plants across the country.

The drone was harmless, but showed the lack of security at the facility, the group said.

According to Greenpeace: "This action highlights the extreme vulnerability of this type of buildings, which contain the highest amount of radioactivity in nuclear plants".

The drone, piloted by among Greenpeace's protestors, banged right into the tower in Bugey nuclear plant, concerning 20 miles from the eastern city of Lyon, the team claimed in a video clip.

French police intercepted one of them, it added.

Greenpeace, meanwhile, insists that the sites remain extremely vulnerable to outside attack, with the spent-fuel pools at particular risk, as they contain the equivalent of several reactor cores, stored in concrete pools outside the highly reinforced reactor building.

EDF said the spent-fuel pool buildings were robust and created to withstand natural disasters and accidents.

Greenpeace activists in Sweden made a similar point in 2012 by using ladders to scale the perimeter walls of nuclear plant, as police barely batted an eye.

In October previous year, Greenpeace activists breached security and launched fireworks over EDF's Cattenom nuclear plant.

These feats have actually stimulated a parliament examination right into nuclear protection, which results from exist on Thursday, Reuters reported.

In February, a French court gave several Greenpeace activists suspended jail sentences while ordering the group to pay a fine and $78,900 in damages to EDF.

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