Published: Sat, June 23, 2018
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4.2 million people die from ambient air pollution in 2016

4.2 million people die from ambient air pollution in 2016

Environmental law firm Client Earth has accused the Government of "missing the point" in its response to an inquiry by MPs into illegal levels of air pollution across the country. Representatives from the police were also offering free security marking for bikes.

In its response the Government has stated it will replace the patchwork of air quality legislation with a single coherent framework; deliver a personal air quality messaging system to inform the public; provide clearer health advice; make better use of local authority air pollution data; improve oversight on air quality spending; and halve the number of individuals living in areas exceeding World Health Organisation limits for particulate matter by 2025.

"We breathe in polluted air every day and we all need to take action to help change things".

Pupils, parents, guardians and school staff were encouraged to walk, cycle or scoot to school and leave the vehicle at home.

"If you're travelling in Chester, Clean Air Day is an ideal opportunity to try the Park & Ride for free if you've never given it a go before".

Rachel Hartshorne, founder and co-ordinator of Healthy Air Leeds, said: "The council's clean air zone plans do not encourage people to leave their cars at home for short journeys".

Oxford City Council was named as the number one local authority in the United Kingdom for tackling air pollution by Government Business and ClientEarth named the City Council as one of the best local authorities in the United Kingdom for tackling air pollution.

Waltham Forest council in the north east of London is also working with schools to promote Clean Air Day, having recruited more than 30 schoolchildren to become Air Quality Ambassadors ahead of the event.

Poor air quality is an issue which is affecting all areas within Bucks and officers and councillors from the county council and the four district councils, including Aylesbury Vale, are all working together to increase awareness of the local and national picture in order to identify good practice across the county.

"Under the government's air quality plans, unsafe levels of air pollution in around 71 percent of United Kingdom towns and cities is likely to be the case for another 12 years", the report said.

Cars, especially diesel ones, are the biggest polluters on the streets and people are more exposed to road pollution inside their cars stuck in traffic than if they travel by bus, tram, bike, or simply walk.

"Indoor air pollution needs to be taken as seriously as outdoor air pollution".

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