Published: Fri, June 22, 2018
Sports | By Juana Wells

Japan beat 10-man Colombia in another World Cup upset

Japan beat 10-man Colombia in another World Cup upset

An Argentine TV channel showed Senegalese fans to fanning out on the stands and picking up trash and putting it in a pile following their win at the Spartak stadium in Moscow.

The fans celebrated in a unique manner - by tiding up the stadium.

Japan was the first country to actually pick up their litter succeeding their football match with Colombia.

For the Japanese fans, the act isn't certainly an isolated one. The supporters of Japan came with bin bags and cleaned up their part of the stadium.

Their actions touched the hearts of the world on social media as they were praised for their efforts and representing the game in a positive light.

You could say they had a stake after all the co-hosted the championship with Korea, but African representatives Senegal who only Tuesday showed class by being the first African country competing in Russian Federation to win a match re-enacted what Japanese fans did four years ago by cleaning up the stadium 40 minutes after their match against Poland.

While Japanese fans can be seen doing their bit alongside Columbian supporters at Mordovia Arena in Saransk.

This dedication to cleanliness is a habit Japanese people often have impressed on them when they're kids, tasked with cleaning their classrooms and other parts of their schools, Osaka University sociology professor Scott North adds. Senegal's victory made them the only African team to win in the first round of matches.

Not only did these teams impress World Cup viewers - their fans did, too.

Colombia face Poland in Kazan on Sunday (June 24) in a must-win tie for both countries.

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