Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

The Last of Us Part 2: watch 12 minutes of intense gameplay

The Last of Us Part 2: watch 12 minutes of intense gameplay

Fans have been speculating about The Last of Us Part 2's location (s) ever since the game was first revealed, and now we know we'll revisit at least one very important location from the first game. The humans who remain are often just as violent, killing each other for supplies and fighting for survival.

The big picture: Crafting a sequel to a game as beloved as The Last of Us is no easy task but judging from what we've seen so far, it looks as though Naughty Dog is certainly on the right path.

The trailer opens on a makeshift dance hall, where the game's protagonist, a teenaged girl named Ellie, is watching people sway to the music. Moments later, she's led to the dance floor by a female friend - Nina.

At long last, we have been treated to another round of E3, and with it has come some mighty announcements, showcases and surprises. Ellie is then approached by a young man, Jessie, who commiserates with Ellie over his dislike of social gatherings before bringing up Dina's dancing, insinuating that the two characters have a history. But now we have an intimate exchange between the game's main character and another woman, and it's played out in front of a massive, mainstream gaming audience. "We say "engaging". It needs to be engaging".

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