Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

USA pulls two more people out of Cuba over mysterious health concerns

USA pulls two more people out of Cuba over mysterious health concerns

The State Department had confirmed earlier that one US employee assigned to the consulate in Guangzhou had "suffered a medical incident", and that it had deployed a team to screen employees and family members there.

The New York Times said that an employee evacuated from Guangzhou on June 6 likened the sounds he experienced to "marbles rolling around a metal funnel". United States officials have detailed how personnel in Cuba came to experience a variety of symptoms including sharp ear pain, headaches, ringing in one ear, vertigo, disorientation, attention issues and signs consistent with mild traumatic brain injury or concussion. There are about 170 USA diplomats or employees and their families in Guangzhou.

Those affected have suffered a range of symptoms including hearing loss, dizziness, fatigue, cognitive issues and sleep loss.

That's where doctors have been treating and studying patients previously evacuated from the U.S. Embassy in Havana.

The Penn team, which published its Cuba findings February in the Journal of the American Medical Association, was not able to prove what caused the symptoms in those patients.

"If the U.S. makes formal contact with us, China will continue necessary investigations in an earnest and responsible manner and maintain close communication and cooperation with the U.S.", Hua said at a regularly scheduled news conference.

Sunday's foreign ministry statement termed those actions politically motivated, pointing out that "after more than a year of investigations by Cuba and the United States. there are no credible hypotheses nor scientific conclusions that justify the actions taken by the US government against Cuba".

In 2017 in Cuba at least 22 American diplomat and their family members have suffered as a result of the mysterious "acoustic attack". Canada said the 10 continued to show unexplained brain symptoms and that "medical information raised concerns for a new type of a possible acquired brain injury".

USA personnel in Havana began reporting the incidents in 2016, and they were first disclosed publicly past year.

China has said it had looked into the Guangzhou case but came up with no clues about the cause of the symptoms.

More recently, USA diplomats in China also complained of symptoms similar to the ones suffered by colleagues in Cuba.

"Hard to get my head around how it works", he said.

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