Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

It Took Six Minutes For E3's First Battle Royale Announcement

It Took Six Minutes For E3's First Battle Royale Announcement

Battlefield V is adding a multiplayer Battle Royale that will be "reimagined for Battlefield", developers announced Saturday during EA Games' press conference at E3. We do know that developers are promising to bring us an "experience that we haven't had before", but we've heard that before. More details are expected to come during Microsoft's Xbox showcase tomorrow, June 10.

Battlefield V is due out October 19 for PC and consoles, and EA has already promised to drop the Premium Pass and map packs for this entry in the long-running series.

Right now, we're not so sure what to expect, so as we learn more about the mode we'll make sure we update you on this page as well to keep you abreast of what options you may have.

EA's preview of Battlefield V also stressed a faster and more active multiplayer. Blackout, Call of Duty's version, is set to be available at launch.

So Battlefield's take on battle royale has a lot of promise if it is executed properly, and the team at DICE have made clear that these unique aspects of Battlefield will all be present in the BR mode. But this isn't like all of the previous WWII shooters you've ever played. In the case of "Battlefield V", it's not clear how large the mode is or how it will work.

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