Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
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'Quantico' makers apologize for showing a Hindu terrorist after backlash

'Quantico' makers apologize for showing a Hindu terrorist after backlash

That was not and would never be my intention.

Chopra, a former Miss World, said she was "a proud Indian and that will never change".

In the episode, Chopra, who plays Central Intelligence Agency operative Alex Parrish, foils a plot by Indian nationalists who want to carry out a nuclear attack in Manhattan and then blame Pakistan for the same.

Since the vast majority of Pakistan is Muslim, Parrish discovers the trick after finding a religious Hindu symbol around one of the assailant's necks, leading to the Indian connection.

The episode outraged some fans of the Mumbai-born Bollywood star, who viewed it as a betrayal of her people.

Indians have targeted the creators for showing India in a negative light and commenting on the India-Pakistan controversy without much understanding.

ABC defended the actress in a statement apologizing for the episode. "Quantico" is a work of fiction. It was not our intention to offend anyone'.

Anger over the content is boiling over in other ways too.

While the show hasn't been big on live + same day viewing, Quantico has done well in delayed viewing with a solid worldwide seller for the ABC studios thanks to Priyanka Chopra's massive following.

It doesn't mean that we shouldn't write what we want. I guess we gotta wait and watch. "It was non-stop. It was bad".

Quantico was cancelled last month before The Blood of Romeo aired, and only has eight episodes remaining in its third and final series. Ratings have dwindled since it debuted in 2015.

Chopra, who is one of the highest-paid Indian actors, featured past year in "Baywatch", based on the television series of the same name.

"ABC Studios and the executive producers of Quantico would like to extend an apology to our audience who were offended by the most recent episode, "The Blood of Romeo"."
Many blamed Chopra for playing along with the story, while some asked the actress also to break her silence and apologise.

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