Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Netanyahu: Assad Regime 'Not Immune' If Iran Entrenches Itself in Syria

Netanyahu: Assad Regime 'Not Immune' If Iran Entrenches Itself in Syria

It was reported on Friday that the cancellation of the European Union Foreign Policy Chief's scheduled visit to Israel next week is a result of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reaction to a request to meet with him.

"It's a done deal - in the other meaning of the word", he added, noting companies were already pulling out of Iran under threat of damaging U.S. sanctions. You will have to choose: economy, comprising approximately 3% of the us, or the economy with a GDP of 21 trillion dollars. "If he fires at us, we will destroy his forces", Netanyahu stated. "There is a new calculus that has to take place", Netanyahu added.

"Companies are leaving Iran. And it is a good thing that they are pulling out of Iran because if we have learned anything it is stop aggressive tyrannical regimes early on", he said.

"So I didn't spend much time on that because I think it is done. My impression is that everybody understands the economic realities".

Netanyahu said he had reiterated his dislike for the 2015 deal, which offers sanctions relief in exchange for strict limits on Iran's nuclear activities. I am very fruitfully cooperated with the American presidents with those with whom I agree and those with whom I was not.

However Theresa May rejected calls for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal - the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCA) - saying: "We will remain committed to it as long as Iran meets its obligations. I this regard, I have always been perfectly Frank", he added.

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