Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Myra Stephens

Kindergarten lockdown poem hanging inside classroom upsets parents

Kindergarten lockdown poem hanging inside classroom upsets parents

Cohen wrote on Twitter that her daughter has already been doing lockdown drills in her pre-k classes.

A kindergarten in MA is teaching children how to survive school shootings with a reworked nursery rhyme that shares a tune with "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

Go behind the desk and hide.

The photo of the classroom poster, which Cohen later tweeted, drew the attention of other users who expressed similar sentiments of disgust surrounding the themes of the song and its cutesy treatment.

"To be shocked by it is important", Cohen told the Globe. She said she and her classmates were huddled in a corner, scared they were going to die.

United States in the past few months have witnessed major school massacres, including the February 14 shootout at a high school in Florida that killed 17 people prompting widespread calls to reform gun laws.

Many contrasted it with their own childhoods when the worst they had to worry about at school was a fire drill. The picture has been retweeted over 38,000 times and drawn thousands more comments.

The response to Cohen's tweet has been overwhelming, with over 17,000 retweets as of Thursday afternoon.

Superintendent Mary Skipper said that this is, unfortunately, "the world we live in" and regrets the "loss of innocence". So just like school fire drills, lockdown drills have sadly become a common practice in schools, and educators do everything they can to reduce students' anxiety and stress so that they remember what to do in a real situation. The statement said schools have a responsibility to help students and staff prepare in case of an emergency.

She and Somerville Public Schools declined to identify the school, but district officials confirmed it was the work of one teacher and is not used across all of the city's schools.

"It's jarring for students, for educators, and for families", the statement continued. "Stay outraged. And if it gets somebody to do something - to give money to an organisation or to call their representatives - then great, I think that's important".

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