Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
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Iraq military strike on the Islamic state in Syria

Iraq military strike on the Islamic state in Syria

However, in court documents, Doe reportedly claimed he entered Syria as a freelance journalist and was kidnapped and forced to work for the Islamic militant group until he fled on a water truck and turned himself in to the Kurds, who then handed him over to the US military.

The details of the government's plans for the man, identified in filings as John Doe, came in an affidavit from a Defense Department official, who described the release as "traditional military practice that is employed in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility" and consistent with the military's "obligations under the law of war".

Iraq has good relations with Iran and Russia, Assad's main backers in the Syrian civil war, while also enjoying strong support from the USA -led coalition.

Hafetz said the government could release the man in Iraq, where he has been held, giving him a chance to request a new passport at the USA consulate there. "But, instead of offering a safe release, they want to dump an American citizen onto the side of the road in a war-torn country without any assurances of protection and no identification", Hafetz said.

Now, according to a court filing issued on Wednesday, the detainee will be released in an unspecified Syrian town or internally displaced person camp.

"Ideally, the government would offer a safe release", he said.

The suspect, who been held by the USA military in Iraq, was offered the choice of camp or town but has declined to choose.

Government lawyer James Burnham defended the plan, saying the SDF is "a trusted local partner" of the United States forces and the area is "much better, much safer" than where he was taken prisoner by the SDF last September.

Without enough evidence to try the man on terrorism charges, the USA faced a dilemma over what to do with him.

He called it "a disgraceful way to treat an American citizen". "Our fight for our client's right to due process has also become a fight for his right to life", Hafetz added.

The United States previously said it had evidence that he had signed up as an Islamic State foreign fighter in 2014 and entered Syria in January 2015, according to court papers.

However, according to the documents, the suspect claims to have been in Syria in an attempt to work as a journalist and had obtained press credentials. Once briefing on this new development begins, we will have much more to say both there and here.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were unable to gather enough evidence to bring charges against him, so US officials first considered sending him to Saudi Arabia, where he also holds citizenship, according to a December New York Times report.

"John Doe", however, contends he was kidnapped by IS three days after his arrival in Syria, imprisoned for seven months, and then forced to carry out such actions.

A federal appeals court in Washington agreed and upheld another court order blocking the suspect's transfer to another country's custody.

Iraq launched an air strike against an ISIS target inside neighbouring Syria on Thursday, the military said.

It's common in war detention settings, he said, to return someone to "the point of capture - at least if it's safe to do so, and that's one of the questions for the court".

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