Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Matthew Castillo

Bourdain hanged himself with bathrobe belt

Bourdain hanged himself with bathrobe belt

Renowned American chef and TV show personality Anthony Bourdain has died at the age of 61.

Anthony Bourdain was found dead yesterday morning with CNN reporting at the time that he had died in an apparent suicide.

At CNN in Atlanta, a mourner placed a flower and a note next to a poster of Bourdain in the lobby. Bourdain traveled to Jamaica to talk food, agriculture, music, the beach and more.

Inside the restaurant, as hungry customers poured in for lunch today, diners gave extra attention to the glass box in which the table and chairs used by Bourdain and Obama are preserved.

The famed cook, writer and host of the CNN series "Parts Unknown" killed himself Friday in a luxury hotel in the ancient village of Kaysersberg, Christian de Rocquigny, the prosecutor of Colmar in France's eastern Alsace region, said in a phone interview.

Bourdain committed suicide while in France filming an episode of his Emmy-winning CNN food and travel program Parts Unknown, the network said Friday. A medical examiner ruled her death a suicide.

"I have a message for those considering suicide as a solution to a temporary problem".

"When you've seen what I've seen on a regular basis it changes your world view", he said.

One user replied: "You were the first person who came to mind hearing the news". "You brought people together". It showcased the extraordinary diversity of cultures and cuisines, and how much we all have in common - all through the simple act of sharing meals. In 2000, he penned an essay to The New Yorker discussing the darker and less-known sides of the restaurant industry, which earned him enough fame to become a published author and begin his television career.

"I was in a cranky mood after my last restaurant closed and felt no reason not to tell the truth about a business I both love and have mixed emotions about", Bourdain told CBS2 in 1999.

Suicide is a growing problem in the United States, where rates have increased by 25% nationwide over almost two decades ending in 2016. In honor of his memory and all of those dear people who left us all too early, and in taking whatever action we can to prevent suicide in the United States, Xi'an Famous Foods will be donating 100% of our net sales on June 8, 2018, from all of our stores, to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK @800273talk.

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