Published: Sat, June 09, 2018
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CM Punk Gives The Final Word On Ever Returning To Wrestling

CM Punk Gives The Final Word On Ever Returning To Wrestling

A lot of fans keep thinking that if his second UFC fight ends up going the same way his first one did, Punk would return to the wrestling ring. Punk also said he will not completely rule out a possible return to pro wrestling, but indicates it is unlikely to happen.

Two days ago, Punk spoke with about if he would be involved with the sold out event in Chicago and he responded that nobody has asked him directly to appear at it, or any wrestling show.

Punk was recently asked if he would accept an invitation to the White House to meet with WWE Hall of Famer and current President of the United States Donald Trump, but he said that he has no interest in hanging out with Trump.

It's just bad timing for The Second City Savior because as this legal battle was getting underway the former WWE Champion needed to be buckling down his training for his upcoming fight against Mike Jackson. He claims he's had people tell him "Oh hey, uh, if you ever wanted to do anything", but he's never gotten a clear-cut offer to wrestle.

"To be honest with you, in a year and a half's time [since his last fight] and you have to think who he is and his schedule, trying to find time to train, on top of just being almost 40 years old and being in professional wrestling, these are all variables that you have to consider". Nobody. [People have said] hey, if you ever wanna do anything...

Punk is set to take on Mike Jackson in the UFC 225 main card opener. We're having a show, we're gonna pay you x amount, you're working this guy - what do you say? I kind of don't understand that. "Whaddaya say, yes or no?' Nobody's ever done that". "This is where I live now, this is my head-space".

He said: "Something might come up, some fun might be had". I feel like I'm out and the future is yet to be written, it's a wide open book, it's my story to tell. He's not 100 percent ruling out a return to wrestling one day, but he said that his full heart is on fighting and that means "beyond Saturday" as well. The truth is wrestling fans are going to be glued to Punk's fight this Saturday, because he had a big impact on the WWE Universe during his run to the top of WWE from 2011 to his departure. "To me that means yes".

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