Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
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Amazon to show 20 Premier League games a season to customers

Amazon to show 20 Premier League games a season to customers

The good news for UK Prime members? Sky Sports has 128 games each season.

The league had hoped these innovative packages - two chances to show all 10 games of a particular round - would tempt the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Google into the market for live rights. Today's Premier League announcement, and the recent deal with NOW TV, means BT TV customers will have access to all of the best exclusively live sporting action in the UK.

How can I watch these games on Amazon?

The structure of the deal is also a first: Amazon Prime Video subscribers will be able to binge on 10 matches played in early December, and another 10 over a long holiday weekend, at no additional cost.

The soccer deal extends Amazon's lineup of streaming sports events, which includes professional tennis matches and football games.

The U.S. company secured one of two previously unsold three-year packages for United Kingdom rights, the Premier League said on Thursday, with BT picking up the other to increase its access to live action.

However that proved not to be the case, with Sky taking four packages of the seven available and BT one, leaving two unsold.

The three-year deal includes 20 games across Bank Holidays and weekdays, equating to around 5% of total matches in the 380-game season.

Amazon did not say how much it paid for its Premier League package.

The Premier League is easing into doling out fixtures to streaming video.

The League now distributes all worldwide broadcast revenue equally between the clubs.

It was reported on Monday by The Telegraph that BT along with a "new online player" had purchased the final two packages.

The breakdown of that is that Sky Sports Entertainment with Sky Sports Premier League added costs £38 a month, plus a one-off cost of £20.

The deal underlines Amazon's ambition to take on traditional pay-TV broadcasters in the multi-billion dollar battle for sports rights.

"This new agreement will continue that trend with a subtle change that further incentivises on-pitch achievement and maintains the Premier League's position as the most equitable in Europe in terms of sharing central revenues".

The online retail behemoth and streaming service becomes the first over-the-top streaming service to successfully bid for exclusive Premier League rights and joins pay-TV rivals Sky and BT in next year's line-up of providers.

However, acceptable offers were not made for two of the packages. That remains to be seen.

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