Published: Wed, June 06, 2018
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ME driver hits and kills man entering Little League field, players unscathed

ME driver hits and kills man entering Little League field, players unscathed

A woman with a history of drunken driving convictions drove her vehicle onto a baseball field in ME during a game, police said, striking and killing a Vietnam War veteran who confessed five years ago to killing a 4-year-old girl in an alcohol-fueled 1968 hit-and-run.

Douglas Parkurst, from ME in the U.S. has been hailed a hero for pushing children out of the way as a woman with a history of drunken driving convictions sped across the field on Friday night.

On a chilly Halloween night in 1968, Carolee Ashby was crossing a street in Fulton with her older sister, Darlene, the Post-Standard reported in 2014.

"It was very bad", said Sanford resident, Karyn Bean, who said she saw Parkhurst get hit.

"It's hard to believe and I'm thinking maybe she had a mental illness that I didn't know about and if so she hit rock bottom", she said.

Sharrow, who has been charged with manslaughter, was ordered held on $500,000 bail during her initial court appearance Monday.

"I hate to think that I'm relieved that someone has passed away, but that's what I feel", she said.

Carol Sharrow, 51, was arrested and charged with one count of manslaughter after police said her auto came through the main gate of Goodall Park in Sanford, Maine. She faces up to 30 years in jail.

Police received a tip-off that Parkhurst, then 18 years old, had apparently crashed a Buick into a pole that same night.

"I felt kind of helpless because at that point the only thing I knew was I cared about the safety of the kids on the ball field", Curley said. The teen's mother, Lisa Thibodeau, said she watched a grisly scene unfold from the stands as Sharrow repeatedly rammed a set of closed gates to get out of the ballpark before setting her sights on another gate, where she fatally struck Parkhurst.

Parkhurst was never charged in the girl's death because the statute of limitations had expired, but signed a four-page confession after two interviews with investigators.

He scrawled a four-page confession that said he believed he was the driver of a auto that hit Carolee. "It sounded like I hit a dog".

Parkhurst also apologized in his signed confession.

"I did not see what I hit". I did not stop. I don't remember seeing any kids but I believe in my heart I hit the little Ashby girl with my vehicle.

"I pitched to one batter and then I heard, like, rubber burning and everyone looked up and then I heard screaming", Zachary McMurtry told ABC affiliate WMTW in Maine.

Even though there was no apology, McCann hopes that one day she can forgive Parkhurst for what he did. He moved to ME and faced no consequences.

The Sanford Police Department and Maine State Police are continuing to investigate the crash that killed Parkhurst.

"We want to share our heartfelt gratitude that physically all of the players from Babe Ruth and Little League are safe and our deep sorrow to the family of the fearless man that gave his life tonight protecting others", Sanford Little League officials said in a social media posting, per the Journal Tribune.

The irony of Parkhurst's death, that he would die in the same way that he killed Carolee, and by a woman with a similar name, isn't lost on Darlene Ashby McCann.

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