Published: Wed, June 06, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Gmail’s big redesign is coming to everyone beginning next month

Gmail’s big redesign is coming to everyone beginning next month

The company originally launched an Early Adopter Program for the new Gmail redesign, which updates the service's look with a more modern Material Design appearance.

The schedule that Google lays out for the new Gmail migration for G Suite users starts in July, although the company does not give a specific date.

Video: New Gmail design is here.

The third option would be the default setting as well. If you prefer the old design, or just aren't ready to make the change quite yet, you can open the Settings menu and click "Go back to classic Gmail". They can hold off for another four weeks, but after that, everyone will be able to opt in. However, the new UI will roll out to all G Suite users in July, and we'd expect the same to be true of regular Gmail users. 8 weeks after the July GA rollout, Gmail will switch its users to new Gmail.

Admins can immediately transition their users to the new Gmail, and users will still have the choice to opt out for a limited time.

Today, Google posted its schedule for rolling out the redesigned Gmail experience to G Suite users.

Though some Gmail users have criticized the design, most reviews online appear to be neutral or positive. Presumably this change will also apply to Gmail users around the same timeframe. However, the redesign will be pushed onto everyone eventually, and around eight weeks after being made available to all users, Google says anyone who hasn't transitioned will automatically be moved to the new design.

This can house Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Tasks all in an easily-accessed bar.

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