Published: Tue, June 05, 2018
Medicine | By Tracy Klein

No Nipah virus infection reported in Delhi

No Nipah virus infection reported in Delhi

The Maharashtra public health department has made a decision to take preventive measures against Nipah virus cases which claimed 17 deaths in Kerala.

He has said that family gatherings and meetings should also be avoided, along with unnecessary journeys, public meetings and celebrations.

It also asks BSA presidents to provide updates on the matter to DAHE on a regular basis. Raising awareness of transmission and symptoms is important in reinforcing standard infection control practices to avoid human to human infections. The antibody can make a world of difference to handling Nipah virus cases in India. "It is not yet sure how much it will be effective", he said, adding the infection caused by Nipah virus has a high mortality rate (50-70 percent).

The virus is not widespread as of now and is limited to only two districts in Kerala.

"The Nipah virus, which was first identified in 1999 after an outbreak in Malaysia and Singapore is thought to be transmitted by bats, pigs or other animals to humans", the advisory states. Sixteen people have died due to the virus.

As the spread of Nipah virus continues to kill in Kerala's Kozhikode and Malappuram, the Delhi Government has warned citizens to be careful while consuming fruits especially the consumption of "raw date palm sap".

Experts suggest it's hard to find the infected fruit bats as they recover after a week or two but, in the meantime, they may infect people.

No vaccines and medicines have been discovered aimed to cure the Nipah virus infection. Any suspected case should be reported to the Disease Surveillance Project at GMCH, he said.

Sadanandan, meanwhile, said the monoclonal antibodies from Australia had reached the state and was on its way to Kozhikode medical college from Kochi.

Over 1,300 people, who had come in contact with the affected persons before the confirmation of the virus, are under observation. It is commendable that it took just two days or as many infections when other affected countries have taken months or a few years to do it. Only the fruits eaten by fruit-eating bats should not be consumed.

He went on to laud the local doctors for smartly stopping the virus in its feared tracks.

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