Published: Tue, June 05, 2018
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Netanyahu warns Merkel of new refugee crisis sparked by Iran

Netanyahu warns Merkel of new refugee crisis sparked by Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lands Monday in Germany to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel before heading in the evening to Paris for his next set of talks with President Emmanuel Macron.

The world should stand up to bullying behaviour by the United States, Iran's foreign minister said, as he attempts to save a nuclear deal after Washington's withdrawal last month.

Mr Netanyahu presented the documentation in a televised announcement in May, days before US President Donald Trump dropped out of the deal.

She defended the nuclear accord as ensuring "at least for a certain time, that Iran's activities are under control" noting that Tehran had been "on the brink of having a nuclear weapon" before the deal was signed.

"In any case I don't let scores go unsettled and we'll settle the score with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorists operating against us from the territory of the Gaza Strip", he adds.

Netanyahu suggested the deal was bound to collapse without US involvement, but said he agreed with Merkel that "Iran's aggressions" needed to be kept in check. "But [Israel and Germany] are partners, we're friends".

"We have some disagreements, as you can see, but they're not really on goal, they're more on method", he said.

The Europeans have proposed hammering out a supplementary deal with Tehran covering its ballistic missile programme as well as its interventions in countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Options being considered by the EU to keep Tehran in the nuclear deal include new credit lines for Tehran, increased energy cooperation and implementing EU laws to block European companies from caving in to US sanctions.

Khamenei, who makes the final decisions on all major policies in Iran, on Monday warned that anyone who fires one missile at his country "will be hit by 10" in response, but dismissed fears of war as "propaganda" by the West.

It said it would increase its capacity to produce uranium hexafluoride, a key ingredient for enrichment.

"Production of various missiles and missile power provides security", Khamenei said.

The Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation will hand a letter to the United Nations nuclear agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in Vienna informing the agency of the decision regarding uranium hexafluoride. At all three venues the discussions will focus on the same point: "What Iran told the International Atomic Energy Agency about its capacities was nearly comical compared to what we have here", said a senior Israeli intelligence officer involved in analyzing the captured Iranian documents.

"The people of Iran and the government of Iran will never tolerate both suffering from sanctions and nuclear restrictions", said Khamenei.

The Israeli air force is believed to have carried out a number of airstrikes on Iranian positions in Syria and openly clashed last month, exchanging rockets over the Golan Heights.

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