Published: Tue, June 05, 2018
Electronics | By Shannon Stone

Apple shows off software upgrades at 2018 WWDC

Apple shows off software upgrades at 2018 WWDC

"Now I'd like to take a moment to talk about something that's been on a lot of people's minds lately", said Apple's iOS boss, Craig Federighi.

Another important change: if you have an old phone and upgrade to iOS 12, it shouldn't slow down your phone anymore.

Apple has unveiled digital wellbeing tools to help people reduce the time they spend glued to their screens.

For some users, the biggest feature in digital health is Apple's new "Reports App" app that delivers weekly reports about phone usage, individual app usage, and more granular data about how often the phone is picked up ("pickups") and when.

The Photos app will use more artificial intelligence to help users search for photos, as well as share them with friends recognised in images.

The company has introduced new options for the Do Not Disturb mode, greater control over notifications, and a Screen Time feature, which lets you see how much you use your phone and apps, and set limits.

Apple said macOS Mojave will provide more than just visual changes, and will feature a new Mac app store. It said that Safari in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave would come with updated privacy protection, which would not only block intrusive cookies but also plug-ins such as Facebook's Like button that could be used to track internet users.

Siri's personal assistant functionality is also getting a boost: apps that you use regularly will be able to push suggested actions to your lock screen. Also, you don't have to say, Hey, Siri! anymore. A new Shortcuts app will let you build multi-step shortcuts, too.

Taking a cue from rival Samsung, iOS 12 will usher in new Memojis created based on the user's characteristics. And iPhone X users will be able to create "Memoji" - a personalized human-like version of Animoji.

Some key iOS apps - News, Home and more - are coming to macOS through a redesigned app store.

Plus the FaceTime app now allows users to join a video call with up to 32 other people.

With the newest version of macOS, Apple's ditching its mountain-themed names and moving to the desert with macOS Mojave.

The Apple TV will also now feature a screensaver featuring imagery shot by astronauts in the International Space Station. Parents can also add time limits to specific apps, allowing children on their phones for a select amount of time.

MacOS will launch this fall.

And that underscores a paradox: Apple is introducing features to limit iPhone use at the same time it is encouraging more use by building in more useful features.

Unlike Apple's other confabs, where executives take the stage to make sales pitches for new hardware, WWDC is targeted at the programmers who make apps for the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and other products.

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