Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Sci-tech | By April Francis

Lions, tigers, jaguar break out of German zoo

Lions, tigers, jaguar break out of German zoo

Five unsafe predators, including two lions, two tigers and a jaguar escaped from a zoo in western Germany, sparking a massive hunt.

People in Luenebach, in the west of the country, have been warned to stay inside by police.

The animals were believed to still be in the zoo's ground, but residents in the area, near the Luxembourg border, were advised to stay indoors.

A bear had also escaped from the privately owned Eifel zoo, but was shot, a spokesperson told AFP.

It is reported that a river overflowed and wore down fences, allowing the unsafe animals a way out.

The animals escaped from a zoo in Lueneburg in western Germany after flooding caused by storms eroded fences, allowing them to break out, local authorities said.

This June 2016 image shows lion Malor (behind) and the mother Lira in their enclosure in the Eifel Zoo, eastern Germany.

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