Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Medicine | By Tracy Klein

22,000 kids in England, Wales severely obese when they leave primary school

22,000 kids in England, Wales severely obese when they leave primary school

"Children are becoming obese at an earlier age and staying obese for longer".

Whereas 15,000 out of 629,000 children, aged four and five, are classed as severely obese.

The Committee calls for targets to improve rates of breastfeeding, to combat childhood obesity, and urge a full and timely implementation of all of the school-centred measures contained in the original 2016 Child Obesity Action Plan.

But the LGA warned essential prevention work, including the ability of councils to provide weight management services for children, is being hampered by an 800 million USA dollar reduction in councils' public health budgets by Britain's central government.

The need for a "whole systems" approach which requires the United Kingdom government to change the narrative around the issue and ensure we take responsibility as a nation.

These include councils getting a say in how and where the sugar tax is spent, better labelling on food and drink products, and local authorities being able to ban junk food advertising near schools.

The letter reads: "Childhood obesity is at an all-time high, so it is with significant concern that we see the UK's football associations, leagues and some football clubs continuing to partner with companies that are known for producing HFSS products".

Advertising of HFSS products is now banned across all children's media - including online and social - in a landmark decision created to help tackle childhood obesity. "I welcome the sugary drinks levy that has already played a vital role in driving reformulation and call for this to be extended to milky drinks which contain added sugar".

In England, the amount of children who have become obese has doubled according to new data. The report also emphasises the need for a focus on "healthy lifestyles" rather than using any offensive or stigmatising language.

More than 20,000 Year Six pupils in England and Wales are classified as "severely obese", as experts warn that soaring rates of childhood obesity are creating a health timebomb.

The health and social care select committee has called for a ban on "brand-generated characters or licensed TV and film characters" as well as junk food adverts before the 9pm TV watershed in attempt the tackle childhood obesity rates.

In several wards the level of obesity for ten and 11-year-olds was close to, or more than, 30pc and the council appreciates the need for change.

But characters such as the Jolly Green Giant could continue to be used to promote healthy food, the committee says.

The committee also asked for councils to have increased planning and licensing powers to stop "the proliferation" of fast-food outlets from being set up in their areas. This session gave a number of experts the opportunity to voice their opinions on what they thought would be important for the next part of the government's aforementioned "Childhood obesity: a plan for action".

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